Normal Blood Pressure Level

Blood Pressure in Adults is 120/80

This is the combined blood pressure expressed as a fraction.
The higher number indicates systolic (or contraction) blood pressure. The second number in the fraction is called diastolic (expanding).


What is Normal Blood Pressure?

It generally agreed that systolic pressure should not be higher than 120 (100 for a child).

A normal blood pressure level of 120/80 is considered an ideal reading in adults. But 120/80 is not normal in a child.

Adolescent reading of 110/70 to 115/75 is normal.

Reading of 80/45 in infants is normal, while the same reading would indicate hypo-tension (too low blood pressure in adult).

Similarly a reading of 140/90, often referred to as borderline blood pressure is common in elderly people, while 130/90 is regarded as perfectly normal blood pressure in older individuals.

Blood pressure tends to rise as we age.
Blood pressure will change throughout the day in response to activity. This is expected.

The bad news

Over 60 million Americans (over the age of 6) have high blood pressure.

How high is high?

High blood pressure is divided into different levels:
Borderline: 120-160/90-94
Mild: 140-160/95-104
Moderate: 140-180/105-114
Severe: 160+/115+

Here’s the good news:

Over 80% of people with high blood pressure are in the borderline to moderate range, not severe!

Is this you?

Then this is the time to take action in order to return your blood pressure back to normal!

Here are the four steps that you really must decide to take:

I know a medical doctor who says that his first recommendation in the treatment of high blood pressure is to avoid taking blood pressure lowering drugs.
He says that taking those drugs could be more dangerous to health than the high blood pressure itself.

Normal Blood Pressure versus too high and too low

The following range chart will give you a very good understanding of what is normal blood pressure and what is not.

HIGH Blood Pressure Symptoms:
You may feel: Stressed, Bloated, Weak, Failing, Headaches…


210/120 – Stage 4 High Blood Pressure
180 /110 – Stage 3 High Blood Pressure
160 /100 – Stage 2 High Blood Pressure
140 /90 – Stage 1 High Blood Pressure (Borderline High)

Normal Blood Pressure Range

130 – 85 – High Normal
120 – 80 – NORMAL Blood Pressure
110 – 75 – Low Normal


60 – 40 – TOO LOW Blood Pressure
50 – 33 – DANGEROUs Blood Pressure

LOW Blood Pressure Symptoms:
You may feel: Weak, Tired, Dizzy, Fainting, Sleepy

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