Natural Remedies For Gout

Gout remedies… include home remedies, herbs, vitamins and supplements. They work best if used with gout diet. You want to cure gout naturally. Temporary gout pain relief and dealing with acute gout attack are only one part of the story.

Now, I would like to encourage you to read the entire page in detail.
This page is not just my gift for you, it is your gout survival guide!


Natural remedies for gout

… must be selected and put together into a nutritional program in order to achieve the following goals:

  1. limit production of uric acid in your body
  2. promote excretion of uric acid from your body
  3. eventually dissolve uric acid crystals deposited in your joints and other tissues, then excrete them too, in the urine.

Did you notice certain logic in the above plan?
You want to reduce uric acid production and speed up excretion of what you already have produced!
When this is achieved, your next step is to work on dissolving of uric acid deposits.

And this is exactly what natural remedies for gout understood as a complete Gout Action Plan are supposed to do for you…

Speaking of foods…

What you must eliminate or at least reduce to a minimum:

  • alcohol in all forms and shapes, particularly red wine and beer(I know it’s been sold to you that red wine is good for your heart. Believe me – it’s a killer for your joints if you have gout. BTW – I don’t drink any more)
  • High purine meats: organ meats (bye-bye my beloved liver fried with onions), red meat, which is very high in purines
  • High purine fish: sardines, herring, anchovies
  • Animal fat (sorry)
  • Brewer’s yeast (also baker’s yeast)

Stress is bad, isn’t it?

Stress can trigger gout. More specifically: acute gout attack! Therefore use common sense, pace yourself introducing dietary changes. You don’t need this extra stress due to drastic diet revolution. Not needed.

Unless you are a revolutionary!

What you must also do is shed those extra pounds. Ideal or nearly ideal body weight must be your goal from now on. (You will also live longer and be more sexy…) Again, please, do not torment yourself – common sense!

First off, learn what you need to eliminate from your diet.
You will find this info in the section Gout Foods To Avoid

Must-have Gout Remedies

So what exactly are the remedies for gout?
Ever heard of flavonoids?
What are they?
There are many answers, but from the perspective of the gout victim:

Flavonoids are plant bio-compounds found in veggies but mostly in fruits.
They have been shown to:

  • be very effective in lowering uric acid in the body
  • thus preventing acute attacks of gout
  • and preventing destruction of joints

You must have them. Period. Just like bread and butter.

Ok, you say, how the heck do I recognize them?

Oh, well, very easy. The fruits that are rich sources of flavonoids are deep red-blue in color. Sometimes purple or deep purple (no pun intended). Thanks to flavonoids! Which are excellent remedies for gout!

There is quite a number of good natural remedies for gout on the market that contain both flavonoids and other antioxidants.


If you want to go all-foods-no-capsules though, then remember these names: cherries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries.

You will need to consume an equivalent of one half-pound of fresh cherries every day.
Don’t forget other berries. When these are out season you may want to consider cherry extract. This is also a good idea if your blood sugar levels are not stable (diabetes, hypoglycemia).

Hydrate your body:

Drink around 5 to 8 glasses of water. Proper hydration is critical. Water alone the most effective natural remedy for gout.


Because water in appropriate amounts – up to eight 8-ounce glasses of water – helps lower uric acid level in the blood. Due to diuretic and cleansing effect of water itself you will get rid of excess acid.

Speaking of diuretics…

 Herbal diuretics increase excretion from the kidneys. You will empty your bladder more often. This will aid in the removal of uric acid. Thus mildly diuretic herbs belong to the category of natural remedies for gout.

An example of a good, non-radical herbal diuretic is this encapsulated Parsley. It is more than just a garnish. It’s funny how it often sits on your plate, usually uneaten. You must take a minimum of 1300 mg of dried parsley in 24 hrs. Every day.

But please, remember, you MUST drink a plenty of water. If you exercise a lot, use sauna regularly or do a heavy physical work – you sweat, often a lot. ALWAYS, hydrate your body sufficiently no matter what gout remedies you’re taking.

Bottom line: You need natural remedies that help excrete excess uric acid!

Limit production of uric acid!


There are natural remedies for gout which do this. To decrease production of uric acid in body you shall need bromelain. Take between meals. Up to 1000 mg daily.


But that’s not all! About 10 mg of Folic Acid daily is necessary for the same reason. Some sources recommend even higher intake of Folic Acid.
I would be cautious though. You can take more, but this should be done under a physician’s supervision.

Bottom line: natural remedies for gout should include those that help the body make less uric acid!

Lower uric acid level in the blood!

You already know about water and herbal diuretics. Cool.
Are there supplements for lowering blood uric acid?

Absolutely, you have just read about flavonoids!

How about vitamins?
Yes, vitamin C, one of the best remedies for gout. You need minimum of 3000 mg in 24 hrs, every day. This amount should be divided up during the day. For instance: 1000 mg tablet 3 times daily every 5 hrs.
Based on my practice and experience:
the best is Time Released Vitamin C.

If you acute gout attack has gone away, limit vitamin C to 1,000 mg daily.

There is nothing wrong about taking both: flavonoids and vitamins concurrently. In fact you should do this to build the right effect!

Bottom line: you need gout natural remedies that assist in lowering the blood uric acid.

Dissolve uric acid deposited in the joints

Yes, you can do it. It won’t be a quick process. There may be gout attacks in the meantime. They become more and more infrequent and last shorter and shorter. Until they disappear.

And you are gout-free!

I am.

To achieve this goal you must keep your body’s PH balance under control. In other words: alkalize your body. You need to stay away from acid-forming foods (no red meats, very little coffee, white sugar etc.).

Drink Chlorophyll. Eat lots of vegetables.

Use “green foods”, such as my beloved Green Zone Ultimate.

Do you mind “yucky” drinks? No? Here’s a fairly good and cheap method to make your body alkaline quite quickly. Try Baking soda for gout
I used baking soda, but I prefer chlorophyll.

Similarly many folks use apple cider vinegar for gout.

Bottom line: you do need natural remedies that make your body more alkaline! In longer term this is going to help dissolve and eliminate deposits of uric acid.


It is now widely accepted fact that most cases of gout can be effectively treated with right gout diet and natural remedies for gout (herbal remedies and supplements).
But with the advent of modern medicine a great number of docs place no value in these modalities. Considering the drugs’ side effects and safety and efficiency of natural remedies for gout, the failure of physicians to stress the role of at least diets to their patients equals a great disservice.
Not to mention that many patients simply do not tolerate zombiefying drugs. Allopurinol for instance, prescribed to control gout has been linked to skin eruptions, inflammations of the blood vessels, liver toxicity. Unlike any of the natural gout remedies.


I AM a gout victim. Or should I say: – I used to be.
I will never forget my frightful discovery, when I learned that my gout could progress into terribly disabling disease of the joints, kidneys or both, if left untreated.

Then I learned about gout prescription drugs and risks associated with taking them. Yes, my own doc once gave me this now infamous Vioxx. Then Vioxx has been pulled out of the market some 50 thousand heart attacks later.
Then indomethacin was prescribed for me. But I could not stomach it. And I noticed blood in the urine second day into the treatment. And I said … enough. There must be a better way. I then relied solely on natural remedies for gout.

Nothing written or portrayed in this website should be taken as prescription, diagnoses or a substitute for consultation with a competent medical doctor. For educational purposes only. See Terms of Use

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