Herbs That Lower Blood Pressure

The secret of success?
Be patient and never miss a dose.
Plus: modify your lifestyle, eat right, lose weight and exercise.

Herbs are plants. More specifically: healing plants.
Herbs that lower blood pressure are generally safe to take. Otherwise I will advise you not to take them.
These herbs will help you to achieve normal blood pressure.
Again, I encourage you to be a researcher, see what works for you.


Herbs that are said to lower high blood pressure

  • Garlic – a very famous herb and food, that has been found to normalize blood pressure. Some investigators report the circulatory benefits of garlic have resulted in reduced blood cholesterol.Garlic contains selenium. This and some other compounds found in garlic are is responsible for lowering blood pressure properties.Healers and herbalists the world over have been using garlic be used to reduce high blood pressure for centuries.
    Check and see what High Potency Garlic from from the snow-capped Tian Shan Mountains can do for you! What about bad breath? Should I use odorless garlic?I recommend concentrated, high potency garlic in a capsule form.
    The capsule should dissolve for absorption in the intestinal track rather, and not in the stomach. This prevents the “garlicky odor” and preserves all the goodness of garlic. It really must contain allicin that otherwise contributes to garlic breath.

    It is well known that wild herbs (including herbs that lower blood pressure) are superior to cultivated ones.
    The same applies to garlic.
    I use garlic from Xinjiang, China, where it grows watered by pure subterranean canals from the snow-capped Tian Shan Mountains.

  • Hawthorn – was known to Dioscorides in the first century A.D.
    Heck, it is nothing new!Careful when you go harvesting Hawthorn – fairies are said to hang out in Hawthorn groves (In Celtic tradition).In Western Herbology Hawthorn herb is considered one of the most important herbs that lower blood pressure.hawthornIt has been used to protect against the beginning stages of heart disease, for mild heart muscle weakness, for pressure & tightness of the chest (angina), and for mild arrhythmia and as general tonic for circulatory system (particularly when blended with ginkgo biloba and olive leaves. Ginkgo & Hawthorn).Hawthorn is also used for insomnia (by lowering the blood pressure it will help you to fall asleep).The medicinal action of Hawthorn develops slowly. It should be taken over a period of time for their full nutritional benefits to be realized. It appears to have a beneficial effect on the heart itself, especially in cases of heart damage.
    Its toxicity is very low.

    Note: use with caution in cases of colitis and ulcers, you may want begin with lower dosages.

  • Black Cohosh – the use of this herb by American settlers dates back to between 1696 and 1850. Traditionally used to support female reproductive system, it may lower blood pressure.References to high blood pressure can be found in literature of the subject. My own practice confirms that black cohosh will indeed lower blood pressure, sometimes quite rapidly.You should also know that the herb may be hallucinogenic in large amounts. So, be careful.


  • Olive Leaf Extract – Just like Hawthorn, the leaves of olive tree have been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times.Olive Leaf is widely known and used in Europe due to its antimicrobial properties. There is also evidence that the extracts have properties that could lower blood pressure. Research shows that Oleuropein, the main constituent of the leaf, acts as an antioxidant and helps relax and dilate the blood vessels.Olive Leaf Extract is commonly found in herbal combinations designed to lower high blood pressure.
  • Turmeric – considered very safe, widely used throughout India and Indonesia, common in curry dishes, has been recommended for various ailments. There is evidence that it tends to stabilize blood pressure.

  • Coleus – like Turmeric, it grows in India, Burma, Nepal but also cultivated in Europe. It has been used for myriad of health issues, including asthma, respiratory allergies, glaucoma, depression and skin afflictions.It supports blood vessel relaxation to promote optimal blood flow; it has been recently extensively researched among other herbs that lower blood pressure. To be useful for this particular purpose Coleus needs to be combined with supporting and balancing herbs.
  • Goldenrod – the herb is very popular in Europe. Traditionally used as diuretic, this herb shows also hypotensive (like other herbs that lower blood pressure) properties. Goldenrod is best used in combination with other herbs if your intention is to lower blood pressure.

Now that you know the herbs that lower blood pressure, you may want to check the foods that do the same!


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